Space Scene Construction Kit v1.5增加了新的变形速度效果和快速空间场景旅行,改进的静态恒星(可以着色,性能更好,尺寸减少185 MB),增加了211个新星云(总共339个),改善了小行星的性能和外观,新的氛围。


Space Scene Construction Kit v1.5更新日志:
1.5 (当前)已发布 2017年11月10日
* Requires Unity 2017.2 or newer (the 5.5.0 package is without these features but included for legacy purposes)

* Added SU_TravelWarp script and shader (see Manual for details)
Fast warping with visual effect and object relative movement.

* “Static Stars” replaces “Stars” (see Manual for details)
Saves 185MB in size, reduces draw calls from 6 to 1 (or 2) and allows more color customization. Note: Old scenes will be missing stars since the textures have been removed. You will need to recreate them using Static Stars (via the Space Scene Construction Kit editor extension window) or you need to import the old textures and materials from a previous version of your project or SPACE for Unity.

* New asteroid fading method
Handled by GPU for much better performance. Better visually since asteroids are scaled instead of transparency faded which looked odd against light backgrounds. The performance is greatly increased so it should be possible to have more asteroids than before. The upper limit of AsteroidFields was increased from 3000 to 10000.

* Added 211 new nebula textures (now a total of 339 textures)

* Added subfolder support to Nebulas, Planets, and Galaxies

* New asteroid materials
More specular reflections and added support in the shader for the scaling effect.

* Demo scenes updated
Old stars were replaced with Static Stars in demo scenes. Spaceship now has warp speed effect (press Space and Right Shift).

* Added Orbit alternative to CameraFollow script.

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