Substance Painter是一款3D材质软件,可纹理制作,渲染和三维结合工作,使用该软件,可以使用一套完整的纹理工具,例如:PBR和粒子绘图,具有透明度控制的画笔,材质和智能蒙版的程序效果。

Substance Painter是一款全新的3D设计,可为我们以前从未见过的现代游戏创建质感,该软件可作为最具创新性和用户友好的3D材质绘图之一,选择画笔,选择材质并根据需要进行编辑,然后开始绘画,每个动作一次应用于所有通道并立即渲染,还可以在4K分辨率下为每个地图设计网格中的多种材质。

Substance Painter 2018.2.0.2399更新日志:

Summary: Summer release, subsurface scattering Support, projection and fill improvements, camera import and selection, Alembic/glTF support, drag and drop on ID map, improved Substance format support and new content
[SSS][Viewport][Iray] Generic subsurface scattering
[SSS] Sync MDL and subsurface scattering parameters
[SSS] Added a new grayscale channel named “Scattering”
[SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering type parameter for subsurface scattering (skin or translucent)
[SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering scale parameter for subsurface scattering
[SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering color parameter for subsurface scattering
[SSS][Display Settings] Scattering Sample count for subsurface scattering
[Shader][Iray] Integrate subsurface scattering MDL for Iray
[Shader] Shader update via the resource updater
[Shader] Update change log API and documentation
[Tool Properties][Proj] New parameters for the triplanar projection
[Viewport][Proj] Control Fill Layer properties in 3D view directly with manipulators (triplanar projection)
[Shortcuts][Proj] New shortcuts Q, W, E, R, T for triplanar projection manipulators
[Viewport][Proj] Control Fill Layer properties in 2D view directly with manipulators (UV projection)
[Shortcuts][Proj] New shortcut Q for UV projection manipulators
[Contextual Toolbar][Proj] Control triplanar projection manipulators
[Contextual Toolbar][Proj] Control UV projection manipulators
[Tool Properties] Disable texture tiling with projection and Stencil tool
[Stencil] Use non-squared images with the projection tool/stencil
[Stencil] Allow control of tiling mode in Properties window
[Stencil] Zoom is not centered on a non-tiling stencil
[Cameras] Import cameras from Maya, Max, Blender, Modo, DAE
[Cameras][Viewport] Select and control imported cameras in viewport
[Cameras][Iray] Select and control imported cameras in Iray
[Cameras][UI][New project][Project configuration] “Import cameras” is checked by default
[Cameras][Shortcuts] Add shortcuts “<" and ">” to switch between cameras
[Cameras][Viewport] Add frame in viewport
[Cameras][Viewport Settings] Control of frame opacity
[Cameras][Camera Settings] Maximum focal length at 500mm
[Cameras][Camera Settings] Expose ratio
[Cameras][Camera Settings] Add a lock option
[Cameras][Camera Settings] Add a restore option
[Cameras][Camera Settings] Add focus distance attribute
[glTF] Import of a glTF file
[glTF] Import ambient occlusion map
[Alembic] Import Alembic 1 frame with static geometry
[Shelf] Drag and drop materials directly onto the mesh using ID maps with a modifier (CTRL/Command)
[Layer Stack] Automatic ID mask creation with drag and drop of materials on mesh with ID maps
[Layer Stack] Automatic scroll of layers with drag and drop across the layer stack
[UI][Tool Properties] Expose Substance’s preset
[UI][Help menu] Improvement of the Help menu
[UI][New Project][Project Configuration] Reorganization of the window
[UI][New Project][Project Configuration] Replace “Mesh” term by “File”
[UI][Substance] Display Substance attributes in UI
[Shortcuts] “F4” switches between 2D and 3D view
[Shortcuts] New shortcuts for toggle stencil “N” and quick mask “U”
[Substance integration] Take into account ‘visible if’ statements in the Substance parameters
[Viewport] Shadows not forced to be computed after camera move
[Content] Update MeetMat with imported cameras
[Content] Add a sample with subsurface scattering enabled – JadeToad
[Content] Add a new PBR project template with subsurface scattering enabled
[Content] Updated export presets to add new Scattering channel
[Content][Shelf] Added subsurface scattering support for: pbr-metal-rough, pbr-metal-rough-alpha-test, pbr-coated, pbr-spec-gloss
[Content][Shelf] Added Scattering channel to 5 smart materials (marbles and skins)
[Content][Shelf] 1 new jade Material
[Content][Shelf] 1 new wax Material

[CMD] Different results using same command line with different versions
[TDR] If TdrLevel is set up you don’t have any errors in your log
[Baker] Ambient occlusion map is flipped
[ID Map] Crashing when picking outside of 0-1 range
[Iray] Crash when switching texture sets and going back to Paint mode
[Viewport] Sync drop areas between viewports for drag and drop
[Engine] Moire artifact when tiling fill layers or painting small brush
[License] License service bad software version check
[License] Rework the way we handle authentication
[API] Call the `onNewProjectCreated` scripting API event even when creating with a template
[Shader] Compiled shader is not loaded from cache when shader file doesn’t compile
[Shelf] Exporting HDR file from the shelf will output a file with clamped values
[Export] EXR export clamps RGB color values between 0-1
[Content] Procedural noise “3D Perlin Noise Fractal” is pixelated

Known Issues:
Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs
Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS

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