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TEXDraw v4.4 – Unity数学表达式插件


TEXDraw是一种主要用于在Unity内部创建数学表达式的资产。 TEXDraw使用网格和动态字体渲染表达式,因此可以在游戏中动态更改。 它使用LaTeX作为标准语法来定义符号或特定样式。

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TEXDraw v4.4更新日志:

4.4 (当前)已发布 2018年6月19日
4.4 – June 18, 2018:
> SUMMARY: New feature TEXInput allows user to edit TEXDraw in runtime.
> Also added more Scripting API and bugfixes to ease TEXDraw integration.

– NEW: Use double braces in TEXInput to lock/prevent modifications for specific syntax
– NEW: Support for Unity UI RectMask2D
– FIX: Improved TEXInput regex bracket matching
– FIX: Incorrect color cache invalidation
– FIX: Improved Editor material validation wording
– FIX: Threading issue when enabling TMP Integration