Ultimate Spawner是一个高度可定制的产卵系统,可让我们快速轻松地设置敌人的产卵和波浪,只需放下几个生成点,设置你的敌人并在几分钟内开始产卵!


– 快速设置敌人产卵点和波浪
– 随时快速找到免费的产卵点
– 快速设置有限数量的预定义波
– 快速设置无数越来越难的波浪
– 在较大的地图中指定产卵区域,以确保敌人永远不会离玩家太远
– 基于偶然值来制造敌人类型
– 使用uNet支持网络连接示例
– 使用我们的’UltimatePooling’资产支持汇集
– 高度可定制
– 从基本到高级的所有功能的完整示例
– 适用于3D和2D游戏
– Fully评论包含C#源代码
– 产生敌人波浪的许多其他有用功能

Ultimate Spawner v1.3.6更新日志:

-Fixed a bug where multiple controllers in the same scene would not work as expected when ‘waitForDead’ is enabled.
-FIxed a bug that where pooling support would cause compiler errors.
-Added mixed mode waves to the wave controller
-Added support for 2D spawning
-Added prefabs for 2D spawn areas and spawn points
-Added an example 2D demo scene
-Added wave controller stats to the inspector for improved debugging
-Added support for boss waves
-Added support for pooling
-Networking is now enabled via scripting define symbols
-Small api changes to decouple objects and provide more general usage
-Fixed compatibility with API Updater
-Moved demo scripts into ‘UltimateSpawner.Demo’ namespace