Ultimate Water System可以在Unity系统中模型照片逼真的水模拟,他基于最近的海洋学研究,可以模拟数以十万计的海浪,具有出色的泡沫和颗粒喷雾模拟,为暴风雨和多风的天气增添了许多现实主义,UWS基于Unity标准着色器(PBR),支持正向和延迟管道,曲面细分,平面反射和反射探针。

Ultimate Water System基于浅水方程,它模拟GPU上的水波纹运动(提供像素和计算着色器实现),这允许与游戏中的其他网格物体(甚至颗粒,见下面的雨)进行动态交互,另外,静态障碍探测可以使波纹被其他物体阻挡,如岩石,柱子等。

Ultimate Water System允许根据水密度以及物体的质量和体积模拟影响刚体运动的力。




Ultimate Water System v2.1更新日志:

## [2.1.0] – 2018-01-01

### Added
– [#16](https://github.com/Moonlit-Games/Ultimate-Water-System/issues/16) – WaveEmitters from PW2.0b13
– [#30](https://github.com/Moonlit-Games/Ultimate-Water-System/issues/30) – the _WaterVolumeBase_ takes collider.center into account
– [#26](https://github.com/Moonlit-Games/Ultimate-Water-System/issues/26) – _WaterProfileBlendSimple_ for easier integration
– [#23](https://github.com/Moonlit-Games/Ultimate-Water-System/issues/23) – customizable submersion detection
– very basic demo scene showing ShipBowWaves

### Changed
– merged fixes from _PlayWay Water v2.0b13_
– _Water.GetHeightAt_ and other data sampling methods now compensate horizontal displacements by default.
For the old behaviour, use _Water.GetHaightAtUncompensated_
– _Toggle SceneView Rendering_ is now saved in _Water Project Settings_
– all demo scenes now include reflection probes
– renamed part of the API variables to new naming conventions
– changed _WaterForceData_ to _WaterForce.Data_
– GetAndResetFast now take _out_ instead of _ref_ parameters
– changed _WaterGlobals_ to _WaterSystem_
– moved _FindWater_ methods from _Water_ script to _WaterSystem_

### Fixed
– searching for the UWS folder causing errors when trying to create new _WaterQualitySettings_ asset
– lack of _WaterQualitySettings_ synchronization with Unity profiles after creating new WQS asset
– issue with _WaterQualitySettings_ not creating after entering playmode (when it was deleted earlier)
– removed black line caused by not cleared _WaterlessDepth_ texture
– fixed EdgeBlendFactor equation in _Deferred Module_
– “disco” effect with _Planar Reflections_ on AMD cards
– Image Effect Deferred problems with depth precision flicker
– hardcoded 1000 units clipping