Unity Pro是一个非常强大的工具,可以让我们创建自己的可视化游戏,另外在互联网上我们可以找到大量的视频课程,这些课程明显有助于我们一步一步地执行所有必要的操作。

Unity Pro制作的电影预告

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Unity Pro 2018.3.5f1更新日志:

AI: Fixed issue with NavMeshAgent getting stuck wobbling when an obstacle carves a hole in the NavMesh near its path. (1039002)
Android: Fixed “Gradle prewarm failed” error not giving any meaningful information. (1114985, 1115479)
Android: Fixed issue where Unity logo in splash screen was shown as a black rectangle on Android 4.4 devices. (1104471)
Android: Fixed problem with opening keyboard on Android 9. (1102448, 1115490)
Android: Fixed redundant render pass switches when using Vulkan.
Android: Fixed sporadic crash during startup in development builds. (1116047)
Android: Fixed system resolution on Android. (1090830, 1118761)

Asset Import: Fixed issue where asset database incorrectly assumes it has imported assets when switching target platform with a clean library folder. (1123035)
Editor: Fixed AdvancedDropdown not selecting the first element of the list when searching. (1119474)
Editor: Fixed an issue where compilation would not start correctly and would emit “Assembly for Assembly Definition File ‘.asmdef’ will not be compiled, because it has no scripts associated with it.” when updating both C# source files and Assembly Definition Files (asmdef). (1115384)
Editor: Fixed editor throwing errors when connected to an android device with usb debugging disabled. (1090834)
Editor: Fixed empty context menu being popped. (1118300)
Editor: Fixed first option isn’t selected by default when using “Add Component”. (1116399)
Editor: Fixed issue with MonoBehaviours in assemblies (.dlls) not loading correctly in scenes from AssetBundles when loading the assembly through reflection with Assembly.Load or similar. (1082571)
Editor: Fixed Unwrapping.GenerateSecondaryUVSet not working with meshes having 32bit indices . (1096058, 1103502)
Graphics: Fixed “CPU fence is invalid or very old!” error message. (1122971)
Graphics: Fixed async readback when using Vulkan. (1018472)

IL2CPP: Fixed crash during managed code stripping when user has Turkish language. May have happened for other non-english languages as well. (1083122)
IL2CPP: Fixed the throwing of exceptions in attribute constructors. (1101440)

Package Manager: Disabled delete and rename menu items for all package root folders in the Project window. (1101384)
Particles: Fixed particle systems causing graphical glitches and error messages. (1099125, 1116662)
Physics: Fixed incorrect collision detection between CapsuleCollider2D and CircleCollider2D when the capsule is orientated towards the center of the circle. (1119018)
Physics: Fixed multithreaded joint constraints not working when there are no contacts in the contact island. (1109272)

ps4: Fixed crash duing dynamicaly changing meshes. (1117853)
ps4: Fixed crash when viewing information on large shaders (like ones from ShaderGraph). (1110680)
ps4: Fixed functionality in .net 4 relating the network features.
ps4: Fixed regression when running native graphics jobs. (1117621)

Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when Debug.Log is called in finally block. (1093869)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed NotImplementedException when calling XmlSerializationReader. (1106236)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed TimeZoneNotFoundException on some Windows machines. (1076679)

Timeline: Added Apply Foot IK option to animation clips to allow users to turn off Foot IK on humanoid animation clips in Timeline. (1115652)
Timeline: Fixed animated object in timeline popping for a single frame when switching Timelines (1109118)
Timeline: Fixed Animation Clips with Root Curves not properly putting Transforms into Preview Mode (1116007)
Timeline: Fixed Scene position getting updated with Timeline in Preview Mode when changing offsets (1116297)

VR: Improved XR Trace, now logs at Errors, Asserts, Warnings, Log Messages, Exceptions and Debug level. (1115640)
VR: Performance fixes for viewport scaling for performance on tiled renderers. (1014390, 1105278)
XR: Fixed a hang on iOS when using the ARKit XR Plugin package. (1068999)
XR: Fixed Oculus Quest controllers not working with native input. (1118025)


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