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Unity Bolt v1.4.1游戏机制和交互系统



Bolt 01 - Unity Bolt v1.4.1游戏机制和交互系统

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Bolt 02 - Unity Bolt v1.4.1游戏机制和交互系统

Bolt v1.4.1更新日志

1.4.1 (当前)已发布 2019年2月4日
Various errors when deserializing Unity objects with the new prefab workflow
AudioMixerController and AudioMixerGroupController references being lost on build
AOT Safe Mode filtering member return types
Error recovery when RenamedFrom attributes fail to fetch
XML documentation generator with latest MSBuild version in Unity 2018.3
Improved error recovery in AOT Pre-Builder when scenes in build settings are not found
Serialization callbacks being sent to object references
Graph instantiation and graph instance tracking
Issue with hot control detection on newly created groups
ExitGUI exception being thrown on undo/redo
Invalid decorator error caused by deleted selection items on undo/redo
Issue where graph reference interning would return references with stale data
Group label focus code because it was never reliable
Clarified variable tab labels for prefabs in the Object Variables label
Inverted the order of Prefab Instance and Prefab Definition tabs in the Object Variables window
Live added graph elements starting to listen on disabled machines
Instantiation events not being sent when enabled machine changed its graph
Reverted Formula unit caching behaviour to 1.4.0f10
Cache Arguments option to Formula unit
Issue where automated coroutine stop would error if it exited during its first frame
Warning when a unit connection fails to get created during deserialization
Bug where interned graph reference with destroyed root object would match alive reference when exiting play mode

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