ZIVA VFX是Ziva Dynamics公司开发的角色动画插件,带有离线FEM解剖模拟器的Maya插件,可以让我们创建逼真的角色,适用于在Windows或Linux操作系统上运行,它具有Maya肌肉和皮肤模拟系统。

Maya肌肉插件 – Ziva VFX v1.4 HotFix 1 For 2014-2018 Win/Lux

Ziva VFX v1.4 HotFix 1更新日志:

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where Maya Fields did not evaluate correctly if the solver transform changed after the first frame.
When zSolver.maxNewtonIterations is greater than 1, the dynamics were often under-damped. The dynamics are correctly damped now, which will result in some simulations appearing more damped than before. To recover similar results to previous versions, decrease zSolver.stiffnessDamping and zSolver.massDamping – possibly to the new default values: 0.001 and 0.0 respectively. This was fixed in 1.4’s initial release, but missed in the release notes.
Fixed a bug where a “Solver has encountered instabilities” message persisted even after rewinding to the first frame.
Fixed a bug where adding a new body to the scene could affect the simulation results of existing, unconnected bodies.
Fixed a bug where zBuilder would sometimes not record the field and zFieldAdaptor nodes.
Fixed a bug where zBuilder would sometimes re-order zMaterial nodes.

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