ZIVA VFX是Ziva Dynamics公司开发的角色动画插件,带有离线FEM解剖模拟器的Maya插件,可以让我们创建逼真的角色,适用于在Windows或Linux操作系统上运行,它具有Maya肌肉和皮肤模拟系统。

Ziva VFX v1.4更新日志:

Add Rest Scale to make tissues shrink (or grow) equally in all directions (previously already available for cloth).
Add Muscle Growth to grow or shrink tissues perpendicularly to muscle fibers, making characters more muscular or leaner.
Add Pressure to apply an external pressure force to tissues (previously already available for cloth).
Add Surface Tension to apply a surface tension force to tissues and cloth.
Maya Fields can now be used to add external forces to Ziva bodies.
Decreased the default value of zSolver.stiffnessDamping. This makes simulations more lively by default, but sometimes also less stable.
In Ziva VFX v1.1 to v1.3, the attributes zMaterial.pressure and zMaterial.restScale applied only to cloth bodies, but now they also apply to tissue bodies. In existing scenes made with v1.1 to v1.3, these attributes already exist on tissue material nodes, but will not show up in the channel box. Correct this with the following MEL script:

Bug Fixes
Display an error when a zGeo.iNeutralMesh has a mesh with zero vertices or faces. This happens when a missing Alembic is connected directly to this plug.

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