ZIVA VFX是Ziva Dynamics公司开发的角色动画插件,带有离线FEM解剖模拟器的Maya插件,可以让我们创建逼真的角色,适用于在Windows或Linux操作系统上运行,它具有Maya肌肉和皮肤模拟系统。

Maya肌肉动画插件:Ziva VFX v1.6.619 For Maya 2017-2019 Win

Ziva VFX v1.6.619更新日志:


  • Add Maya 2019 support. Please note that Ziva simulations are not compatible with the new cached playback feature in Maya 2019, and cached playback will automatically be turned off if a Ziva Solver is enabled in a scene.
  • General performance improvement of 0-20%, depending on the setup.
  • Add a custom locator type for visualizing rivets in the viewport. The zRivetToBone command creates these nodes along with the rivet, so the rivets will be visible. Existing scenes with zRivetToBone nodes will not automatically have this visualization. Delete and re-create the rivet nodes to add the visualization.

Attribute Changes

NodeAttribute ChangePurpose
zRivetToBoneAdd segmentsFor visualization.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing the input mesh topology after creating the warp (zRBFWarp, zHarmonicWarp or zBoneWarp) sometimes (rarely) causes a crash.
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