Substance Designer可以创建任何复杂的纹理的好工具,可以在软件中通过视觉设计实时的创建,该程序支持大量图像格式,用于导入和导出图像以供以后处理,SSS强烈推荐学习Substance系列的软件。

从以上的特色图像可以看出,Substance Designer对于未来纹理的编辑效果是显而易见的,关键是他还可以集成到游戏引擎虚幻引擎4,Unity3D,3Ds Max,Maya中去,所有我们利用此软件可以轻松地创建所需要的图像。

Substance Designer 2018.1.2更新日志

[Content] Fractal Sum Base: wrong result with the third level (new graph has been added)
[Content] 3D Perlin Noise Fractal is forced to 32bit
[Content] Gradient Linear 3 does not give the right result when using non uniform size
[Content] Normal Sobel does not support tiling options
[Content] Checker_1 is forced to 8bit
[Content] Multiangle to Normal: internal computation issue
[Content] Stripes Pattern does not support negative “Shift” values (engine crash)
[MDL] Crash when trying to open a specific MDL project
[MDL] MDL Graph is not computed after a closed/reopened operation
[Export] Outputs from unassigned graphs are exported using the batch tool
[Export] Exporting C16F in exr generates grayscale image
[Bakers] Skew features are not disabled in UI when baking with a cage
[Bakers] Crash when cage doesn’t have corresponding UV set
[Cooker] sbscooker: cooking error related to “”
[Cooker] Published graph does not render correctly
[Engine] Transformation 2D: matte color is not correct
[Explorer] Crash when re-importing a FBX mesh
[Color Widget] Grayscale color picker only picks red channel value
[3D View] Usage “textcoordN” doesn’t work anymore
[Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics

[3D View] Allow to set the default light state in the Project settings
[Version Control] Remove the timeout of 30s when calling the python scripts