Amplify Shader Editor是Unity一种基于行业领先软件的基于节点的材质编辑器插件,它提供了一个熟悉的开发环境,无缝地融合了Unity的UI和Shader的使用,可以从Amplify Creations获得满意的质量和灵活性,需要Unity 5.4.5或更高版本。

Amplify Shader Editor特征:

Unity 5.5 / 2017支持

Amplify Shader Editor v1.5.4更新日志:

已发布 2018年6月16日
* New Template:
* Lightweight Unlit
* Renamed already existing SRP Template to Lightweight PBR

* New Samples:
* SRP Lightweight 2D Fractal
* Simple Mandlebrot fractal implementation
* XRay
* Object has different drawing behavior in front and behind a wall
* Wall pattern is procedurally generated
* Projectors
* Exemplify Unity Projectors usage under ASE

* New nodes:
* Transform Position
* Transform Direction

* New Shader Functions:
* Lerp White To
* Detail Albedo
* Fetch Lightmap Value

* Improvements:
* Added support for Specular workflow into Lightweight SRP template
* Use either the new Specular port or the already existing Metallic port to choose which workflow to use
* Added extra ASE null pointer exception prevention test on attempting loading shader with missing shader functions
* Added Auto-Register option into ‘Static Switch’ node
* Minor improvement over ‘Parallax Occlusion Mapping’ node generated code to avoid duplicate calculations
* Added inline property support over templates modules
* Also added inline property support over Depth Offset values in both template and standard surface
* Minor tweak over ‘Clamp’ node
* Internal max value defaulted to 1
* Adding additional modules into Lightweight templates
* Enabling ZTest over Particles Alpha Blended template
* Cull Mode can now be modified over outline node
* Template internal properties can be used as inline properties on modules
* Modules can now read inline properties from the template original source
* Unreadable data message is no longer shown on node properties
* Added more options to ‘Fresnel’ node
* Now supports custom view vector
* Preventing cast warning with object to clip internal function usage when building shader code for Lightweight SRP
* Added new icons for inline properties to the Unity personal skin to make them easier to spot
* Updated Lightweight SRP templates
* Cull Mode now shared across base, shadow and depth pass
* Added new Normal input port
* Improved Texture Array Tool
* Now also creates Texture3D by hitting the Texture 3D toggle
* Can drag and drop multiple textures into tool
* Can drag and drop a folder and it will include all its nested textures
* Added Clear button to remove all textures from Texture List ( UI still work in progress )
* ‘Parallax Occlusion Mapping’ node now also supports Texture 3D
* Replaced the Texture Array toggle by a Texture Type dropdown
* User must explicitly set the current 3D texture slice via the Tex3D Slice input port
* Removed Fixed precision type since it’s no longer available on Unity 2018
* Updated Lightweight PBR template to v1.1.8
* Re-factored Templates location and names
* New and more flexible templates will be gradually added to replace legacy ones
* A cleaner Unlit template shader was already added on this build
* Added API option to remove includes on data collector
* Stencil can now be toggled off on templates which have it
* Template creators can now register all modules
* Simply add the /*ase_all_modules*/ either on the Pass or SubShader body
* Templates now support Fallback definition on shader
* Templates now support Dependencies definition on shader
* ‘Get Local Var’ port is locked until a valid reference is set to prevent incorrect connections
* Updated About image and added Manual link on Amplify Shader Editor menu group
* Adding unique id duplicate prevention over shader load
* Added support for stencil operations on Lightweight templates
* Optimizing property block allocation for instanced variables to have less internal padding involved
* Added custom attributes to ‘Toggle Switch’ node
* Added toggle to ‘Matrix from Vector’ node use each input as column
* Improved templates loading behavior after hot code reload
* Replaced individual lists for pragmas, defines and includes by a single reorderable list
* Now user select what each line represents via a dropdown
* Additional surface options can now be added via the Additional Surface Options tab on the Output node
* Added custom type for ‘Custom Expression’ node data type specification
* Simple Terrain sample now support more than four splats

* Fixes:
* Fixed infinite loop via context menu issue
* Fixed issue with ‘Parallax Occlusion Mapping’ node over Lightweight templates
* Fixed Safe Normalize issues with ‘View Dir’ node on templates
* Fixed issue on Lightweight PBR template over tangents on objects with non-uniform scales
* Fixed issue on Lightweight PBR not receiving real time shadows
* Fixed issue on tab titles not being correctly written on shader mode over templates
* Fixed issue on property names incorrectly appearing over inline properties
* Fixed issue with copy/pasting ‘Append’ nodes
* Fixed issue on ‘Global Array’ node loading from older shaders
* Fixed world normal issues over ‘Outline’ node
* Fixed issues on reading/writing cull mode on templates meta
* Fixed issue on capturing includes over templates
* Fixed issue over templates on not assuming inline properties when loading/saving Cull Mode module
* Fixed incorrect cast and type assignment on connections between ‘Texture Object’ and ‘Texture Sample’ nodes
* Fixed issue on deleting outputs on shader functions and later opening the shaders that use it
* Fixed issues on Vertex Offset port on Lightweight PBR template
* Fixed issue on not correctly loading ‘Rotate About Axis’ node from old shaders
* Fixed issue on header not showing with texture properties with the NoScaleOffset attribute
* Fixed issue on using depth operations on particle template
* Fixed sometimes light attenuation not showing up correctly
* Fixed allowing to open unity built-in shaders on ASE
* Fixed issue on using incorrect port value on ‘Refract’ node
* Fixed issue on Texture Object type nodes loosing texture type after load
* Fixed Instance ID issue over Lightweight SRP template
* Fixed issue with being able to duplicate output nodes on templates
* Fixed issue on foldout flag values being shared between multiple ASE tabs
* Fixed issue on not correctly cleaning Undo stack when changing master node
* Fixed multiple issues with safe normalize operation over world light dir and view dir
* Fixed world light dir issues over Lightweight SRP
* Fixed GPU instancing compile issues on Lightweight SRP
* Fixed issue on Includes/Pragmas/Defines UI not showing when no other modules over a template
* Fixed null pointer exception with texture arrays over shader functions
* Fixed memory leak on shader functions destruction
* Fixed issue on Node Palette reading incorrect maximized value when opening ASE window