Channel Packer允许在Unity中将一个纹理打包最多4个不同的图像,同时管理和处理它们,从而节省内存。

Channel Packer以两种不同的方式工作:
批处理模式:用于从图像列表开始的独特操作中生成许多纹理; 它允许将它们与所需的通道相关联,并将它们打包在每个关联的纹理中。

Channel Packer v0.86更新日志:
Fixed Argument out of range error when starting a batch processing and some texture is missing in one or more channels.
Output path: Added a check for missing path. If the specified path is not found, Channel Packer asks to create it.
Changing packing mode and then returning to a previous one recovers all parameters.
Batch mode: Changing packing mode now force file selectors application.
Batch Mode: Added the Clear Worklist button to remove all textures from the Worklist itself.