Dialogue System for Unity可以轻松地为游戏添加交互式对话和任务,它是一个完整的,强大的解决方案,包括基于视觉节点的编辑器,对话UI,过场动画,任务日志,保存/加载等等。


Dialogue System For Unity v1.6.7更新日志

Updated for Unity 5.5.
Added: Lua Network Commands component to sync variables and quest states to UNET clients.
Added: Continue() sequencer command.
Added: UpdateTracker() sequencer command.
Added: DialogueManager.LastConversationID.
Improved: Dialogue Manager now logs warning if trying to load default dialogue UI and it’s missing.
Improved: Selector now logs warning if no camera is tagged MainCamera.
Changed: No longer runs Lua Script or OnExecute event of first conversation’s first dialogue entry node when preloading resources.
Changed: SetContinueMode(true|false|original) added ‘original’ parameter; ‘true’ now sets mode to always instead of reverting to original value.
Dialogue Editor:
Added: Option to show actor portrait next to each dialogue entry node.
Improved: Added Template, Copy & Paste buttons to Conversation fields foldout.
Fixed: Interface issues adding/removing dialogue entry localization fields.
Unity UI:
Improved: UnityUIQuestLogWindow reuses quest template objects to reduce instantiations.
Improved: Unity UI animator handling with different timeScales.
Fixed: If [position #] tag assigns a response to an element in Buttons list, it no longer also adds template button.
Fixed: Gracefully handles null entries in Buttons list.

Third Party Support
Adventure Creator: Added Rerun Script After Cutscenes checkbox to bridge.
articy:draft: Fixed runtime converter not observing ConvertSlotsAs.ID.
Chat Mapper: Added Trackable, Track and Abandonable fields to template; updated converter window for Unity 5.5.
Corgi Platformer Engine: Added support.
NGUI: Quest log window now reuses quest template objects when possible to reduce instantiations.
ORK Framework: Updated inventory management Lua functions for ORK 2.8.0 so you can check, add, & remove weapons & armor in addition to regular items.
Realistic FPS Prefab: Invulnerable flag is now included in saved games; bridge now registers actor name with FPS Player transform.
Realistic FPS Prefab + S-Inventory: Fixed bug that allowed player to equip even if dropped last of weapon.
PlayMaker: Added Set Dialogue UI action.
RT-Voice: Added tool window to save audio files at design time; updated to use RT-Voice callbacks & API changes for better responsiveness.
TextMesh Pro: Improved animation handling.
Third Person Controller: Added TPCAbility() sequencer command; updated bridge and Dialogue System Interactable components for multiplayer support.
TextMesh Pro: Updated deprecated API calls.

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