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Dialogue System v2.1.5 – Unity对话AI系统


Dialogue System for Unity可以轻松地为游戏添加交互式对话和任务,它是一个完整的,强大的解决方案,包括基于视觉节点的编辑器,对话UI,过场动画,任务日志,保存/加载等等。

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DialogueSystem For Unity


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DialogueSystem For Unity

Unity Dialogue System v2.1.5更新日志

  • Changed: OnConversationLineCancelled now passes PC line, not previous NPC line, if PC line is what was cancelled.
  • Added: Sequencer command SetDialoguePanel(true|false).
  • Added: Only For PC continue button option.
  • Improved: StandardUIQuestTracker inspector now has Clear PlayerPrefs Visibility Toggle button.
  • Improved: Added Use PlayOneShot option to typewriter effects.
  • Fixed: Chat Mapper XML export format incorrectly exported Dialogue Text field as Localization type instead of Text type.
  • Fixed: UIPanel NullReferenceException if scene didn’t have an EventSystem.
  • Fixed: Fade() sequencer command sets alpha to fully 1 or 0 at end to avoid floating point rounding errors.
  • Fixed: ProximitySelector gracefully handles usables in range that have been destroyed or deactivated when choosing a new usable.
  • Fixed: Rare error message with some complex sequences.
  • Fixed: Lasso selection auto arrange no longer also arranges unconnected red nodes unless they’re part of selection.
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