Iray是一个易于使用,对于不熟悉3D建模和动画的新手来说,Iray是一个直观的渲染解决方案,提供在几分钟内就能达到产品的质量要求,还包含可定制的材质系统,支持Maya的纹理和实用节点,真实世界的照明功能和可扩展的GPU工作流程,Iray for Maya为我们的工作提供高质量的输出。


Iray is an easy to use, for beginners who are not familiar with 3D modeling and animation, Iray is an intuitive rendering solution that provides the quality requirements of the product in minutes, as well as a customizable material system. Maya’s texture and utility nodes, real-world lighting features and With scalable GPU workflows, Iray for Maya provides high quality output for our work.

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