Mantle Environment System是一款自动化的城市,地形和交​​通系统生成工具,通过在线地图数据直接将3D环境渲染到Unity场景中,为我们节省数月的建筑时间。

Mantle Environment System v1.3.2更新日志:

1.3.2 (当前)已发布 2018年4月17日
* Ability for one-shot procedural generation of a scene at runtime from within any build on start up!
* Addition of Nextzen tile support (mvt and GeoJSON) in the wake of Mapzen shutting down.
* Complete UI overhaul for Mantle Styles!
* Addition of Mantle CustomRenderPipeline which enables users to inject additional map geometry into a scene with custom code (with abstract MantleRenderBlock.cs) during Mantle scene generation (see BlockDemo.cs for example).
* Mantle Window UI finessing
* Game View screen capturer direct to desktop PNG

* Various Procedural Mesh Generation fixes.
* Various work flow updates enabling offline 3rd party hooks into design-time generated areas.
* Fill and Edging placement optimisations and fixes to placement logic.
* Workarount issue where MapBox set’s building heights to 3 if they are unknown which was preventing randomized heights for buildings of unknown heights.
* Fixed clipping issues with polygons.