Arnold 渲染作品集合

Katana Arnold v2.1.2.0更新日志:

Update to Arnold The latest Arnold bugfix release is bundled, with some important bug fixes.
Optionally disable XGen multithreading: As a workaround for some occasional XGen issues, multithreading can be turned off in ArnoldXGen. This should only be done when necessary, as it has a performance impact. (#302)
EXR layer name override: Layer names in EXRs normally end up with the generic channels R,G,B,A, but using the EXR and deep EXR driver preserve_layer_name it will use the name of the AOV as set in ArnoldOutputChannelDefine. However, the layer name can now be further customized with layerName, when used in conjunction with preserve_layer_name. (#305)
Curve orientations attributes: Curve per-control-point orientation vectors can now also be specified with geometry.point.N and geometry.point.normal in addition to the geometry.point.orientation that was already supported. (#306)
Bug Fixes
#301 Don’t use AiDevice API if optix denoiser is not enabled
#302 Allow disabling of xgen multithreading
#303 All curves get the same curveWidthStart and curveWidthEnd

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