Odin – Inspector and Serializer可以把Unity工作流程放在类上,使我们可以轻松地为整个团队建立功能强大和先进的用户友好的编辑器,要求Unity 5.3.0 或更高版本。


版本: 2018年05月15日更新 文件大小:3.3 MB

Inspector and Serializer v1.0.6.9 更新日志

Added support for the latest Unity 2017.4 release.
Fixed an error where, in some versions of Unity (among others, 2018.1.0f2), when on the .NET 4.6 backend, Odin would parse arrays of enums as having elements of type Int32 instead of the actual enum type, leading to a multitude of errors.
Fixed an issue where GUIHelper.CurrentWindow would throw an error in some rare instance in some Unity versions.
Fixed an issue where in rare cases a ProgressBarField could prevent a button from being pressed when the ProgressBarField had keyboard focus.
Fixed an issue where RectExtensions.SplitGrid would arrange vertically before horizontally.