Playmaker可以在Unity中快速制作游戏原型,行为,动画图,交互对象,剪辑场景,演练等等游戏开发可视化编程的项目,需要Unity 4.6.0或更高版本。


Unity官方 | Playmaker | 文件大小:17.3 MB | 文件数量:22

Playmaker v.1.9.0.p5

Playmaker v.1.9.0.p5

Playmaker v.1.9.0.p5

Playmaker v.1.9.0.p5更新日志:

Support new Nested Prefab workflow in Unity 2018.3.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Obsolete warnings in Unity 2018.3
Fixed Template saving in Unity 2018.3
Fixed UI Image Set Sprite error when Sprite was null (none).
Fixed Float Interpolate and Vector2 Interpolate Finish Event when using EaseInOut.
Fixed FSM screenshots on Retina/Hidpi screens.
Fixed rare Random Int error that could lead to a crash.
Fixed new global event not being marked global properly.
Fixed AutoUpdater sometimes spamming update messages.

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