Unity Asset – PuppetMaster是高级活跃的布娃娃完成了由Final-IK的制造商制作的布娃娃创作和编辑工具,可以制作动画布娃娃,在场景视图中可以直观地编辑对照和联合限制。

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PuppetMaster v0.8更新日志:

0.8 (当前)已发布 2018年10月25日
Upgrade Guide
– MAKE A BACKUP! Open a new scene, delete “Plugins/RootMotion” and reimport. Also reimport Final-IK if you had that in your project.
– If you were using any of the integration packages, reimport them from “Plugins/RootMotion/PuppetMaster/_Integration”.

– Demo character can double-jump now.
– Added OnCollision delegate to BehaviourPuppet to enable you to get collision event calls from the muscles even if those collisions have not resulted in a loss of pinning for the puppet.
– Added PuppetMaster.Rebuild() to patch up puppets that have any number of their muscles removed.
– Support for adding muscles to puppets in Kinematic mode.
– Updated Ootii’s Third Person Motion Controller integration package to version 2.73.
– Updated Invector’s Third Person Controller integration package (Basic Locomotion FREE v1.0c).
– Added Opsive’s Third Person Controller v1.3.10 integration package.
– Added the “NavMesh” demo about how Puppets can be used with Unity Navigation and a custom navigator.
– Added the “NavMeshAgent” demo about how Puppets can be used with NavMeshAgents.
– Added a VR Boxing demo scene for Oculus (find it under Plugins/RootMotion/PuppetMaster/_Integration).
– Added Rigidbody flight prediction methods to PhysXTools.

– Props can be created by script in runtime now.
– Fixed dropping props in Disabled mode.
– AnimationBlocker will be removed from the target when detached muscles are reattached.
– Fixed a bug that did not set joint x/y/zMotion to locked again when a detached muscle was reattached.
– Sometimes Unity raycasting can out a NaN value for RaycastHit.point. Added protective measures to prevent BehaviourPuppet from moving the puppet to a NaN position when it gets up.
– Fixed mapping problems when PuppetMaster’s “Pin Weight” is less than 1 and BehaviourPuppet is in “Unmapped” mode.
– Fixed the board flipping in X-Boarding demo in Unity versions 2017 and later.

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