Reallusion公司的 iClone 是一个专业程序,可以实时创建复杂度最高的三维动画,SSS认为这个是必备的工具。

iClone Pro能快速为广告片,游戏或者电影创建动画,这是一个非常方便的工具,能够创造非常最真实的人物细节。

Reallusion iClone Pro v7.22.1703.1 更新日志

New Content: A dummy female character for motion preview. Take a look
Fixed: Right-clicking in a browse dialog or clicking on the New Folder button crashes iClone every time for operations like Save as Project, Save as Texture, etc.
Fixed: Crash occurs when working with LUT Showcase.iProject with GTX 9 & 10 series graphics cards.
Fixed: iClone crashes when adding gesture files from Content Manager > Add, or from Timeline > Collect Clip > Add Gesture to Library. Feedback Tracker 1, 2
Fixed: Remove Scene Animation > Keep Last Frame causes iClone to crash in certain project.
Fixed: Picking a bone of the CC character while the Edit Motion Layer panel is open causes iClone to crash.
Fixed: Picking a bone while the Edit Animation Layer panel is open causes iClone to crash. Feedback Tracker
Fixed: iClone will randomly crashes when the camera is rotated or lights adjusted on computers with GTX 9 & 10 series graphics cards. Feedback Tracker 1, 2
Render AO
Fixed: Jagged edges appear while using Ambient Occlusion even when Super Sampling is set to 3×3 under Render Setting. Feedback Tracker
Fixed: When Visual > Ambient Occlusion and Super Sampling are enabled, the exported video will be afflicted with extreme flickering.
Fixed: Semi-transparent textures do not render wholistically in iClone 7; Water reflections will have visual defects.
Fixed: Depth of Field in combination with Preference > Correct Transparency creates sharp edges around semi-transprent objects. Feedback Tracker
Fixed: Failed to apply certain content (eg.C127_Blood 01.iParticle from WWII Pack) Feedback Tracker
Fixed: Pivot points for sub-props will reset to the position of their parent’s pivot when Modify > Transform > Reset > Scale is applied.
360 Video
Fixed: Exporting 360 video for Youtube and Facebook failes to have the 360 effect (Render > Panorama > Enable 360 Panaroma). Feedback Tracker
Fixed: The combined result is wrong when Direct Puppeting different effectors while recording the animation. Feedback Tracker
Fixed: Timeline > Motion > Save does not save Transition Curve Presets.
Once the Bake Reach Key is applied to a timeline clip with an animated Reach Effector > Dummy and the data is saved as .rlMotion, the animation becomes distorted upon re-import.

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