Substance Designer可以创建任何复杂的纹理的好工具,可以在软件中通过视觉设计实时的创建,该程序支持大量图像格式,用于导入和导出图像以供以后处理,SSS强烈推荐学习Substance系列的软件。

从以上的特色图像可以看出,Substance Designer对于未来纹理的编辑效果是显而易见的,关键是他还可以集成到游戏引擎虚幻引擎4,Unity3D,3Ds Max,Maya中去,所有我们利用此软件可以轻松地创建所需要的图像。

Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419更新日志

[UI] New Style
[UI] New Sliders
[UI] Make floating windows really floating
[UI] Change Preferences Window layout
[UI] Library: remove filter bar
[UI] Library: remove selection display overlay
[UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the application is Autosaving a package
[UX] Properties: merge “function” and “reset to default” menus
[Content] New Shape Splatter (+ companion filters) nodes
[Content] Add Flood Fill to Color/Grayscale filters
[Content] New Flood Fill support: support shapes with holes
[Content] Flood Fill to Gradient: add Slope and Angle image input
[Content] Optimize the Auto Level filter
[Content] New Shape Extrude filter
[Content] Material Transform: add support for rotated normal maps
[Content] New Normal Vector Rotation and Normal Transform filters
[Content] Normal Normalize: improve result quality.
[Content] New Trapezoid Transform filter
[Content] New Quad Transform filter
[Content] Add Hemisphere pattern to Shape node
[Content] Add new Gradients with controls in the 2D View
[Content] Add UV output to “Cube GBuffers” node
[Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
[Graph] Add support for in context edition of sub graphs (experimental)
[Graph] Creating Frame/Comment should affect the node under the cursor when using RMB
[Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
[Graph] Reuse existing tab when opening a function already opened
[Graph] Create a new tab when “Open Reference” is used
[Graph] Function: don’t display function properties when clicking on the background
[Parameters] Remove “Expose” button from fxmap graphs
[Parameters] Level: Add an “Invert” button
[Parameters] Expand the “Input Parameters” group when creating a new input parameter
[Properties] Add the package url info in the graph attributes
[Properties] Increase the description field size for output nodes
[Properties] Allow to enter Per Pixel Function of Pixel Processor even for read-only packages
[Scipting] New Python API / Python editor (first iteration)
[Bakers] Optimize geometry transfer during rendering
[3D View] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile
[3D View] Support tesselation/displacement on Mac
[Functions] Function Resource: list image inputs in sampler nodes

[Graph] crash when linking a node to another
[Graph] getting variables in graph random seed function does not work
[Graph] crash when drag and dropping noise in a graph
[Graph] crash when opening a specific graph
[Content] Result is different between Tile Random Color and Grayscale
[Content] Tile Random: Result changes when modifying the “Symmetry Random Mode”
[Content] Edge detect doesn’t work with non-square resolutions
[Bakers] Artifacts while baking curvature using a UDIM mesh
[Bakers] Ambient Occlusion map from mesh is inverted while using a normal map
[Bakers] UV sets list should be restricted to available UV sets
[Explorer] crash when deleting resources while baking
[Transform2D] Crash when exposing Mip map level and Background Color parameters
[Transform2D] Misbehavior while exposing a Transform MipMap level
[PSDExport] PSD exporter doesn’t export grayscale 32F correctly
[2D View] Histogram computation not working with 16F nodes
[PSD] Linked PSD are broken
[Cooker] Function in outputsize parameter is not correctly evaluated
[Export] Export outputs path should be the same as the package path
[Export] Export path is not saved using an empty pattern
[Templates] Missing group for Position in Painter template
[Help] command line help does not display –news on Mac
[Dependencies] Exporting twice after modifying a folder name doesn’t work