SUIMONO Water System是Unity互动式水系统,专门为我们提供了先进且深度可定制的海洋和水分效应,需要Unity 5.0.0或更高版本。

  1. 现实的水渲染 – Suimono 2.0为我们的Unity项目带来先进而现实的水和海洋渲染
  2. 高级FX – 具有镶嵌(dx11),泡沫渲染,动态反射,折射和屏幕转换
  3. 场景交互 – 设置任何游戏对象,用于交互式效果,如飞溅,折射波纹,声音和高级浮力效果
  4. 水下FX – 自动水下渲染,包括深度雾化,高级焦散,模糊和屏幕折射
  5. 定制 – 可以控制水景观和行为的各个方面

SUIMONO Water System v2.1.6更新日志:

2.1.6 (当前)已发布 2018年8月16日
– Added ‘Clear Mode’ option to camera tools. Allows override of clear flag inheritance on reflection camera.

– Raised default Buoyancy activation range to 5000.
– Added Mesh Collider to farplane surface prefab. Helps prevent Buoyancy detection fail.
– Underwater camera component is no longer added if underwater rendering is turned off on module.

– Fixed shader errors under PS4 that were preventing build completion (Lerp/Dot ambiguity).
– Fixed Depthmask2 shader over-bright error.
– Fixed object editor issue when expanding tabs.
– Fixed bug where editor was showing wrong skin color (dark/pro skin vs light skin).
– Reflection Color setting now affects underwater reflection as well.
– Adjusted Caustic lighting code so it doesn’t reduce to 0 intensity.
– Removed buoyancy frustum occlusion code causing strange buoyancy errors.
– Fixed screen uv edge smearing underwater and with water droplet effects.
– Fixed Underwater surface flickering error.
– Fixed underwater transparency over-bright error.
– Fixed Reflection over-bright error.
– Darkened underwater fog color matching.

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