Ultimate Match-Three是Unity中最强大的Match-Three引擎,它不仅包含经典的Match-Three游戏,还包含Match-Chain和Match-Click机制,这是这个ganre中最受欢迎的三款游戏。

● Match-Three – player needs to swap two adjacent chips to make a row of three or more chips. This can be a horizontal, vertical row or both (cross combination). When a player makes a combination with four or more chips, he creates a special bomb.
● Match-Chain – here player must to draw a line of chips of the same colors. When the line it too long, it clears the level field from all chips with the same color.
● Match-Tap – player simply clicks on the areas of chips with the same color to crush them. If the area is is lange, it make a special bomb.

All descriptive chips can be used in all gameplay mechanics that written above, except of “Gray” bombs.
● Simple Chip – the regular kind of chips. It has colors and doesn’t make any special effects after destroy.
● Simple Bomb – the colored bomb, that can be exploded and crush all neighbor chips.
● Cross Bomb – the colored bomb, which destroys all chips and obstacles with the same row or column.
● Horizontal Bomb – it works as the Cross Bomb, but it clears only horizontal line of chips.
● Vertical Bomb – it removes vertical line of chips similary.
● Lightning Bomb – it looks like the Simple Bomb, but it is sparking. This bomb crushes of chips with the same color.
● Cake – this is uncolored bomb. It can be destroyed by exploding another bomb, or by mixing it with with another chip. The Cake remove all chips with one of existing colors.
● Jam – the smart colored bomb. It tries to find a most juicy place in the level field and to hit it.
● Pearl – the chip with universal color. It can be matched with any color.
● Stone – the obstacle kind of chip. It doesn’t have a color and it can’t be exploded. This is an obstacle. It can be crushed only by crushing of one of adjacent chips.
● Lava – the same thing as the Stone, but it is flaming! The Lava makes new instances of itself each move, if player don’t crush the Lava.
● Ingredient – special kind of chips. It is necessary for the Ingredient goal mode.
● Lifebuoy – special kind of the Simple Chip. It is an exclusive for the Flood goal. When player crush it, it increase a flood level.
● Gray Bomb – the analogue of the Simple Bomb, but it doesn’t have color property. This is a special kind of bomb for the Match-Tap gameplay.
● Horizontal Gray Bomb – it is uncolored kind of the Horizontal Bomb. The exclusive for the Match-Tap gameplay.
● Vertical Gray Bomb – the uncolored kind of the Vertical Bomb.

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