Unity Pro 5是一个非常强大的工具,可以让我们创建自己的可视化游戏,另外在互联网上我们可以找到大量的视频课程,这些课程明显有助于我们一步一步地执行所有必要的操作。



Linux: Improved filesystem performance to handle large cache sizes

(925835) – Editor: Fixed Skinned Mesh not being removed on undo.
(1010397)(966172) – Editor: Fixed RectTransform causing the scene to be constantly flagged as dirty.
(1010407) – Editor: Fixed undoing the activation of a UI layout component not undoing the side effects to the children RectTransforms.
(926835)(921915) – Editor: Fixed errors seen in the console and log related to temp TLS allocations.
(948053) – Graphics: Fixed issue where not all requested shader variants ending up in an asset bundle.
(989484) – Graphics: Fixed OpenGL ES crash due to problem with cached VertexAttribArray.
(972995) – iOS: Fixed an issue where the launch image for iPhone X might not display correctly.
(995429)(960439) – iOS: Fixed crash when opening an app via URL whilst mirroring display via Airplay.
(1006820)(995079) – iOS: Fixed issue where Display.SetResolution silently failed during first frame.
(971977) – Particles: Fixed console error message if deleting a Particle System whilst the Particle System Window is open.
(947209) – Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter not fixing references for System.Net.Sockets.Socket when DLL where it’s being referenced was compiled against .NET 3.5.
(979741) – Universal Windows Platform: Fixed .NET native compiler crash when using List or List in a serializable class.
(959795) – Universal Windows Platform: Fixed building player with IL2CPP player fails when there are plugins that are marked read-only in the project.
(964787)(925387) – Video: Fixed video not playing in build when building for a different platform.
(979198) – Windows: Fixe crash on startup in case screen width/height player preferences in registry got corrupted.
(996015) – Windows: Fixed resolution dialog not showing monitor list and crashing on pressing ‘Play’ button on some weird monitor setups.

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