CHAOSGROUP宣布为Autodesk的BIM应用程序Revit发布新版的V-Ray,3.7版本增加了V-Ray交互功能,全面支持几何变化,使建筑物可以在设计时渲染,支持Revit 2019,包括新型不透明,透明,分层和金属材质类型。

V-Ray v3.7对“相机”对话框进行了改造,并通过立体声布局选项和球形全景模式进行了扩展,环境雾会获得颜色,发光颜色和发射倍数的选项。

顶灯设置对话框还扩展为添加选项以垂直偏移HDRI,并水平或垂直翻转,如果使用的是太阳系,现在可以选择“Sun Filter”,“Albedo Color”,“Blend Angle”和“Horizon Offset”。


你们可以在Chaos Group的网站上了解更多信息,以下是IIIDEA.CN从官方了解到的更新日志:

** Improvements
V-Ray Interactive: Full support of geometry changes. Full scene can be rendered while it is designed.
V-Ray Interactive: Changes in Revit Light family are applied instantly.
General: Support for Revit 2019 is added, including all new material types – Opaque, Transparent, Layered and Metal.
OLS: Online License Server (OLS) updated to version 5.1.1.
Camera: Camera settings dialog is redesigned and extended with:
Stereo Layout selection option;
Spherical Panorama camera mode;
Camera: Standard camera type is auto-selected and Stereo and Panorama options are disabled when the current view is ortho 3D.
Environment: Color, Emission Color and Emission Multiplier options are added for Environment Fog.
Environment: Affect GI option is replaced with Affect Secondary Rays option for Environment Fog.
Lights: Dome Light settings dialog is extended with the following HDR image options:
Offset V (i.e. vertically) option;
Horizontal and Vertical Flip image options;
Option to drag and drop HDR image file;
Lights: Sun settings dialog is redesigned and extended with the following options: Sun Filter, Albedo Color, Blend Angle and Horizon Offset.
Materials/V-Ray Material: The .mtsc file format is removed from valid extensions as it is deprecated.
UX: Auto-saved renders are named based on selected view and time-stamped so history can be kept.
UX: Resolution dialog is redesigned to provide more flexibility and include information about camera settings dependencies.
UX: Easier multitasking — Now you can open and switch between multiple Revit projects, and each project will keep its own frame buffer and render settings. Production renders are not interrupted. Interactive render is automatically stopped when switching to another project.
UX: Warning is shown if V-Ray renderer is running when the user is closing the rendered document.
UX: Filter of Material Maps and V-Ray Fur tabs of Asset Browser is extended with:
Options to filter by transparency of the AutoGen material;
Options to filter by mapping type: AutoGen, V-Ray Material, Diffuse Texture, Color;
Option to filter by the “Latest Render” that has been executed.
UX: Default V-Ray plugins parameters are customizable through VRayPlugins.json.
UX: All settings from VRay4Revit.ini are moved to config.json.
UX: VFB color correction settings are saved per project.
UX: Tooltips are added to help understand V-Ray settings usage.
UX: Tooltips of Swarm tags include important statistics about available resources.
UX: Help button is added to all dialogs.
UX: Windows can be closed with ESCAPE key.
UX: Added filter_generator.exe to tools.
UI: Set V-Ray Proxy scale precision to the 3rd decimal sign.
UI: V-Ray installer is re-designed.

** Bug fixes
General: Some settings are shared when switching between open Revit projects.
General: Import of settings stops running renderer without warning.
General: Revit 2017.2 & 2018: Revit view freezes during V-Ray rendering.
General: Export V-Ray Scene file as archive crashes when there is a Diffuse Texture material override.
Licensing & Installation: Installer fails to update Revit.exe.config.
Licensing & Installation: Revit config error occurs on attempt to acquire V-Ray license.
Materials: Unhandled VRayException occurs when using unlicensed vrscans.
Materials/AutoGen: Refract parameter is not applied when Transparency image is used.
Materials/AutoGen: System.FormatException occurs when a missing texture file name contains curly brackets.
Materials/AutoGen: Textures with curly brackets in their name cannot be found by V-Ray.
Materials: Color: Reflection of Color material is too weak.
V-Ray Interactive/AutoGen Material: Cutout texture cannot be removed.
V-Ray Interactive/AutoGen Material: Relief Pattern type and scale of metals do not update.
V-Ray Interactive/AutoGen Material: Metallic paint color do not update.
V-Ray Interactive/GPU/V-Ray Material: Enabling inverted texture of Combine color procedural in SME is not respected.
V-Ray Interactive/GPU/AutoGen Material: Revit crashes if Self illumination of Generic material is on.
V-Ray Interactive: IndexOutOfRangeException occurs when changing .vrmat to .vrscan.
V-Ray Interactive: System.IO.IOException occurs when a mapped .vrmat is used by another process.
V-Ray Interactive: Revit crashes if Gradient or Tiles texture of AutoGen material is updated.
V-Ray Interactive: V-Ray Material is rendered black by CPU engine and white by GPU engine and stays such after Sample Width/Height is set to 0.
V-Ray Interactive: Replacing one .vrscan with another .vrscan do not update.
V-Ray Interactive: Exception occurs after linked document reload.
Swarm: Linux swarm node is not used when it reports a V-Ray version with a 7-symbol SHA.
Export: Only the first instance of an unlicensed or missing RPC is processed.
Export: Nothing is rendered if a light fixture is selected
VFB: The “Lens Effects” settings are reset on each render.
VFB: Revit crashes on rendering stop from the VFB.
SME: “Can be overridden” material option is removed.
UX: Project Gallery images are saved to the first open project in Revit when multiple projects are opened at once.
UX: V-Ray Proxy settings are not saved when the proxy material is mapped with a .vrmat.
UX: Transparency of mapped materials is lost on settings save.
UX: New projects share the same settings before being saved.
UX: V-Ray Fur settings expand automatically on filter change after being collapsed.
UX: Clear button is added to remove log messages in Rendering Progress window.
UI: Underscores in material name are not displayed in the V-Ray Fur tab of Asset Browser.

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