Vegetation Studio是Unity植被布局和渲染系统,旨在取代Unity地形组件中的标准树和细节系统,基于一套灵活的规则在地形上生成植被,并使用纹理和多边形蒙版进行控制。

Vegetation Studio v1.4.0更新日志: (当前)已发布 2018年8月9日
-Added a mode to render all shadows in shadow culling.
-Added speedtree LODFade calculation for Unity 2018.2
-Added a Vegetation Type selector to the vegetation item list.

-Added ClearCache(Bounds) function to the BillboardSystem
-Include/exclude texture rules now support 32 texures on the terrain.
-Added option on MapMagic component to add vegetation system based on names of child object of the generated terrain.

-Added fix for more than 64 items not rendering instanced
-Fix for missing compute shader error on 2018.2. Could happen on empty cells
-Fix for vegetation items in the persistent storage not masked by vegetation masks if UseVegetationMask was enabled.
-Fix for potential error when painting manuallaly and one or more terrains was not started.
-Fix for artifact in top of billboards. Needs billboard regeneration.
-Fix for instanced indirect rendered objects getting bad lighting with lightprobes in scenes.