Vegetation Studio是Unity植被布局和渲染系统,旨在取代Unity地形组件中的标准树和细节系统,基于一套灵活的规则在地形上生成植被,并使用纹理和多边形蒙版进行控制。


NEW in version 1.2
-Support for Unity 2018.1 and Instanced GI
-Direct integration with MapMagic, Landscape Builder, EasyRoads3D and Cascade.

Use your existing trees (SpeedTree, Tree Creator etc.), rocks and grass textures. Rendering is done using Unitys new Instancing and Instancing Indirect system. This means no overhead on culling and handling GameObjects. Vegetation Studio should work with most vegetation shaders that support instancing.

You create a Vegetation Package that references your selected trees and plants. Configure the spawn rules and apply this to a terrain. The same package can be re-used on terrains in multiple scenes. Any changes done to the rule set will update the terrain directly.

-Rule based vegetation
-Manual paining system
-API for 3rd party tools
-Run-time masking system
-Instanced rendering
-Rule based splat map generation
-Touch bend grass and plants
-Universal billboard system
-Collider system
-Real-time editor updates
-Multiple terrains/cameras
and much more.

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