ZIVA VFX是Ziva Dynamics公司开发的角色动画插件,带有离线FEM解剖模拟器的Maya插件,可以让我们创建逼真的角色,适用于在Windows或Linux操作系统上运行,它具有Maya肌肉和皮肤模拟系统。

ZIVA VFX is a character animation plug-in developed by Ziva Dynamics. The Maya plug-in with offline FEM anatomy simulator allows us to create realistic characters. It is suitable for running on Windows or Linux operating system. It has Maya muscle and skin simulation system. .

Ziva VFX v1.3更新日志:

Bug Fixes
Attribute zFiber.envelope also affects excitation due to zLineOfAction. Consequently, if zFiber.envelope is zero, that fiber will not contract.
Tissue tetrahedralization will no longer happen while zSolver is disabled. Pulling on zTet.oMesh while the solver is disabled will no longer work.
Make initial fiber endpoints work on meshes with multiple connected components. Previously, the fiber would be created and instantly cause an error in the scene.
Fixed bug that sometimes causes fibers to draw in grey when multiple fibers are selected.
Fixed bug that sometimes left the effect of a zFiber node even after the node was deleted.
Minor fixes to the undo/redo behavior of ziva, zPaintAttachmentsByProximity, and zMeshCheck MEL commands.

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