Arnold 渲染作品集合

Arnold v3.1.1更新日志:

Release Date October 21, 2018
This version uses the Arnold core.

Out-of-the-box support for VDB sequences in aiVolume and image sequences in aiImage
Added support for sequences in Render Selection to Texture
Added Shader Motion Blur parameter to turn off motion blur on shader parameters
Support User Data in Override Sets
A new normal_map blending mode was added to the layer_rgba shader. This makes easier to create fine details and is more efficient than connecting multiple bump or normal mapping nodes.

AOVs from references scenes used to be rendered even though they didn’t appear in the AOVs list
Fix issues with instanced Standins
XGen Interactive Groom Splines: visibility wasn’t properly supported
XGen : Instancing Xgen shapes wasn’t supported properly
Fixed error when trying to add a new output driver to an AOV

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