Arnold 渲染作品集合

Arnold v3.0.1 更新日志

This version uses the Arnold core.

Improved stability with incompatible OptiX versions
Fixed crashes when editing nHair nodes during IPR sessions.
Fixed crash happening with snapshots resolution changes.
Fixed errors in Render To Texture when ‘|’ characters exist in the Maya node name
Incompatible changes:
MaterialX Operator’s parameter mtlx was renamed filename
Light Group AOVs now add the group suffix before the frame number

Added token in output filename, so that Light Group AOVs tokens can be inserted in custom ways.
Option Output Denoising AOVs now automatically dumps the optional AOVs for noice (diffuse_albedo, Z, N). This requires EXR output files.
Arnold Denoiser UI:
The new menu “Arnold -> Utilities -> Arnold Denoiser UI (noice)” allows to denoise previously rendered images. This requires that the input images were rendered in EXR with merged AOVs enabled.